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July 1st – August 1st


Inside the Dollhouse: A Tale of Whimsy and Feminine Myth

by Aimee Hertog

Rita Bard

& Eden Stern

Untitled by Aimee Hertog

This project brings together three female artists, all working within a realm of kitsch and playfulness. Their use of found objects (or in Eden Stern’s case, paper pulp) evokes a sense of innocence, freedom, and whimsy, all the while creating a vast amount of space for analysis and interpretation towards female identity, family matters, and our chaotic networks of emotions as human beings.


Join us for the

Opening Reception of

Inside the dollhouse: a tale of whimsy and feminine myth


Thursday, july 11th, 2019

from 5-8 p.m.







An Anthology of Urban Art

Organized by John Macnie






by Ashley Menard-Livingston

Constance Craik

& Hannah Smith

When the artistic minds of women unite, there is a strong energy that cannot be denied.

Flynndog Station's last exhibition by Jocelyn Woods mastered the perception of this very entity. Femininity at its finest. The Vulva. The erotic beauty of the feminine form. Strength.

Femme Fatale: "When I Rise" celebrates this unification of feminine energy yet again... denouncing the patriarchal hold and bringing forth female power through the canvas.

(contact Cassidy Sargent at for a private showing)
  • JAN /FEB – Homer Wells and friends
  • MAR / APR – Peter Curtis photography & Roger Coleman paintings
  • MAY / JUNE – Al Salzman, large scale political paintings
  • JULY – Rita Bard, Aimee hertog, & eden stern – a 3-part series of kitsch and whimsy
  • aug – john macnie – bucolic concrete: young, urban collective of burlington works
  • SEPT / OCT – Merche Bautista – amazing multi-media artist solo show!
  • NOV / DEC – Howard Arts Collective
  • MAY/JUNE- Inty Muenala – Amawtay Pacha
  • may – jocelyn woods – vulva epiphanies (photographs)
  • june – Ashley menard-livingston/constance craik/hannah smith – femme fatale
We look forward to scheduling these exhibitions:
Amaru Chiza: new work
Ethan Azarian: Room Interiors
Holly Hauser: new work
Antonello Borra: new work, Monologhi dei matti, exhibition and reading
Tina Escaja : reading from Caída Libre
Fomite Press: exhibition and reading

Art Shape Mammoth Group Show for Art Hop

Art Shape Mammoth Group Show for Art Hop

September 7th– End of October

John Rovnak – Kate Leier – Sharon Webster – Jared Maher – Abbi Meyers-Orr – Barbee Hauzinger – Pievy Polyte – Emily Foster – Brooke Monte

Join us at the reception September 14th 5pm–8pm

A wide-ranging group show including photography, sculpture, works on paper, embroidery, and acrylic paintings.



May, June, July 2012: The 3rd Floor Show

A group exhibition of artists who work on the 3rd Floor at Howard Space Center | south end arts district | BTV

Linda Jones  |  Wylie Garcia | Maggie Sherman  |  Sharon Webster  |  Paige Berg Rizvi  |  Maggie Standley  |  Maea Brandt  |  Julie A. Davis

Dynamic new work from artists on the 3rd floor of Howard Space Center, 2-4 Howard St., Burlington, VT will be on exhibit at Flynndog during the months of May and June. The Third Floor Artists are a vibrant mini-community within the larger South End Arts District community. The following artists will have work on exhibit:

MAEA BRANDT: For this show, Brandt creates new symbols in pen and ink that reference the 2011 tsunami in Japan and the nuclear disaster that followed. Sensuous renderings with intensity and intelligence, they intrigue and hold the viewer’s attention. With an eye on the outer world, Brandt makes images that are strikingly personal.

JULIE A. DAVIS: Sensuous oils painted in plein air with loose and expressive brushwork. She works quickly to capture both a representation of the scene before her, and an expression of her emotional responses to it. Here, she presents abstractions informed by landscape, as well as nature pieces. Davis’ work is known for its variety, unique compositions, and its timeless and engaging quality.

WYLIE SOPHIA GARCIA: Luscious fabric pieces bend, bulk, and stitch contrasting materials to evoke feminine metaphors and anxious desires. Garcia pursues embellishments, myths, and performance art. Here, she works three-dimensionally with Maggie Sherman.

LINDA E. JONES: Rich abstractions full of detail that is telling and organic. Jones’ provocative compositions are infused with personal distillations that are sensuous & powerful. She is a restless explorer of form and multiple layers. These painted surfaces celebrate a wide range of innovative techniques, including encaustic and oil, graphite, gouache, charcoal and pastel.

PAIGE BERG RIZVI: Vivid oil paintings have the feel of magic realism in them as she explores image and color with an exacting, yet playful hand. Using oils and encaustics, she creates imaginative, brilliant images that invite the eye and mind to linger.

MAGGIE SHERMAN: Collaborating here with Wylie Garcia in the creation of a whimsical winged chair, the well-known community artist blends humor and performance art.

MAGGIE STANDLEY: Inventive paintings that ooze with intuitive color, texture & elegance. A Renaissance woman who specializes in decorative painting, murals, and faux finishes, Standley also teaches French and visual art in a creative, interdisciplinary way at wingspan studio. She is also a founder of Avant Garden, a community garden and pocket park in Burlington’s old north end.

SHARON WEBSTER: A new sculptural body of work, “Stairs for Heaven and Earth,” free-standing sculptures and assemblage inspired by the recent death – and life – of her mother. Webster’s work is “exhilaratingly abstract and surreal, yet poignantly expressive,” according to Christopher Faris. “Her constructions are magically, mysteriously thought-provoking.”