November-December 2017

Ross Sheehan and Rueben Vidrio

ross and rueben nov 4 2017 005

ross and rueben nov 4 2017 007

ross and rueben FANTASTIC nov 4 2017 033

ross and rueben CROWD SHOT nov 4 2017 018

Rueben Vidrio’s paintings blend aspects of cubism and surrealism. Vibrant blocks of color and primitive movement are evident in Vidrio’s work. His colorful abstractions pay tribute to ancient Aztec design and culture. Vidrio became immersed in imagery of Aztec sculptures, paintings, pottery, and mosaic shields and masks, which has had a profound influence on his own paintings.  “I have always been fascinated by art of ancient civilizations… For me, this series is a way to connect to my ancestors and transform their art into a modern interpretation”. –RV

Ross Sheehan’s new sculptures combine elements expressionism and pop art.  This recent group of  “painted constructions” is comprised of smashed pottery, salvaged studio materials, furniture, tools, welded steel parts, and other recognizable objects from daily life.  “Each piece of collected material reminds me of my past. Assembled, the pieces start to tell their own story. The sculptures are then drenched with colorful liquid.  Whether it be oil pen scribbles, drips of day-glow enamel, or heavy encrusted layers of oil… it’s the love of paint that unifies my work.” -RS


with music by special guest~

LEFT EYE JUMP DUO!! Don’t miss it.

Cool article about Ross Sheehan in Seven Days, May 24, 2017!

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