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John Brodowski and Company’s th!NK installation

The art teachers involved in making this project happen are Jennifer HoganJohn BrodowskiTodd HoustonCassandra GengasDasha Kalisz, and Frannie Willard.

th!NK is a collaborative drawing project created by the community encompassing and surrounding the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union…six art teachers, nine hundred students, the board of the Compass Foundation, and over one hundred bus drivers, administrators, classroom teachers, parents, volunteers from the community, administrators and staff–all roped together climbing the side of a mountain.

The project started as an idea in the summer of 2016. By March of 2017…thirty-two bus trips divided between seven schools [traveled] back and forth to the Compass Center every day. [E]ach group of students visited Compass to draw on the walls…[spending] about an hour and fifteen minutes at Compass looking, talking, and drawing with each other. Students were encouraged and challenged to work in and around the work of those who came before them, knowing that when they left the next group of students would do the same.

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Bren Alvarez, Art Shape Mammoth and Switchback Brewery

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