October – December

Coming Out of Darkness TOWARD LIGHT

November + December 2016

New Work by Lily Hinrichsen


New Work by Karla Van Vliet


Art Educators Unite.3

Art Educators Unite is a group of 18 Vermont art educators who support each other in their personal art making.  We meet monthly to share our artwork and to help each other work through the challenges of making art while juggling busy teaching and personal lives.

The group includes Dorsey Hogg, Jenn Hart, Jenn Volansky, Carol Crosby, Michelle Badji, Barb Crandall, Dee Christie, Julian Bradshaw, Mags Conant, Ann Joppe-Mercure, Anne, Cummings, Deb Mager-Rickner, Lisa Bird, Krista Connolly, Alice Tregasar,  Beth Coleman, Dodi Gomez, and Tina Logan.

Curated by Dorsey Hogg

Art Educators Unite.2 Strength in Numbers

Art Educators Unite.1 Creation and Collaboration

Piece #2 - Trapped in the Gyre (working title)

Opening reception: Friday, September 30, 6-8pm

Exhibit through October