The Syrian Experience as Art

BASSAM ALEMAN, 4 Year Trip -They didn't survive but they died trying

Bassam Aleman, “4 Year Trip: They didn’t survive but died trying”

Opening Reception

Friday, July 7, 2017   6-8 pm

Curated by William Ramage, Oliver Schemm and Khaled Youssef

“The Syrian Experience as Art” is an important exhibit on many levels — culturally — aesthetically – and spiritually. Curated by Oliver B. Schemm, William Ramage, and Khaled Youssef,
10 Syrian artists express their individual and varied responses to the devastation of their country.

Some back story: Before Donald Trump’s travel ban, 100 Syrians were on schedule to immigrate to Rutland Vermont. The mayor of Rutland at the time approached Professor Emeritus of Art at Castleton University, Bill Ramage, w/ the question of how he might provide people in his community a broader perception of Rutland’s new Syrian neighbors, as well as provide a kind of welcome. Ramage made contact with the artists by searching for them online. He found Khaled Youssef, an artist, poet & physician living in France and forged a friendship & this exhibit.

Though only a few families were able to emigrate due to President Trump’s travel ban, celebrating this show is a way to express our hope for a more compassionate future. Further good reading below: