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Wire Mesh Sculpture


CYCLONE!: Colors of Iowa, from A to Z
Read the Review: “Wired and Windblown” By Marc Awodey (01.23.08)

TWISTED! Wylie Garcia and Jake Rifkin

Ink prints & textiles by Wylie Garcia
Large-scale wire sculpture by Jake Rifken
Seven Days Review of Twisted!


…And the third in a series of personal stages in the little alcove by Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson’s Statement I’m continuing my series of personal stages dedicated to the memory of male role models in my life with set of stages dedicated to Don Sunseri, founder of G.R.A.C.E. (Grass Roots and Community Effort). When I moved to Burlington after working with the Bread and Puppet Theater for 10 years it was my friend Don who hired me to be a facilitator for the GRACE workshop with Howard Community Services. It was through this connection that I began my 12 year career creating art and theater with adults who have extraordinary cognitive (dis)abilities. Don died in 2001 on the day the Awareness Theater Company performed a show called “Our 3rd Anniversary Celebration of our Existence”. His motto “Be yourself and do it your own way” will be featured in the 8 small stages. Accompanying the exhibit will be 3 small paper mache cats made from bicycle tube boxes.

From the GRACE web site: Grass Roots Art and Community Effort (GRACE) had its beginnings in 1975 at the St. Johnsbury Convalescent Center located in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Don Sunseri, an artist newly transplanted in Vermont and needing work, found a job doing kitchen maintenance at the nursing home. He was drawn to the residents and began to feel these elders could be a source of learning and perhaps inspiration for himself. Don engaged help from the Vermont Council on the Arts and secured C.E.T.A. funding for two years of art workshops. He provided materials, encouragement and a supportive environment, using teaching skills and techniques of traditional art classes.

The workshops were received enthusiastically but the “lessons” were for the most part ignored. People would start to work and quickly be off on their own, forgetting the “how’s” and just doing their own thing. Seeing this impulse in the residents, Don responded by dropping the “lessons,” stepping back and letting the residents explore on their own. As a result, nursing home residents produced a stream of beautiful, often autobiographical art works. The art work was later organized into exhibits, slide lectures and publications. Since that time, hundreds of exhibits have traveled to galleries, museums and art centers, regionally, nationally and internationally. For more info

Art Hop 2008

September – October 2008

DOG SHOWS – Selected Videos of Past FLYNNDOG Exhibitions

Open Minds :: Open Eyes :: Open Hearts

3 artists,
4 exhibitions,
raising awareness of human rights thru Art,
with liberty and justice for all

Paper maché relief sculpture in response to the horror of walls
Installation by Peter Schumann

Postering the Message
a collection of one-of-a-kind posters about the struggle for justice in occupied Palestine graphic design by Rajie Cook

17 questions about the War in Iraq
an elementary Iraq war inquiry – woodcut prints by Peter Schumann

When the personal is political – Stages for my Father
Reflections on the Civil Union debate in Vermont and the struggle for sexual identity a mixed media installation by Emily Anderson
Read More…

Assembling Toward Peace
A presentation by Rajie Cook on his Box Art & the Struggle for Justice in Palestine will be followed by a mediated discussion on the issues raised in the exhibitions and the capacity of art to raise awareness by Rajie Cook

Art beyond the Choir ~ Art beyond the Frame
The uses of art in overcoming our personal and collective reluctance to confront the political issues raised in the exhibition. An open discussion with artists Rajie Cook, Emily Anderson, Marc Estrin and others on how art and artists reveal injustice and raise social awareness. This event will be moderated by Sandy Baird.

With thanks to: Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine|Isreal, most especially Mark Hage., Outer Space Café, Chantal and Lia, Bread & Puppet, most especially Linda Elbow, The very big dog, DCF2.


Kate Hodges & Ted Springer


Peter Schumann & Adam Beach, Sponsored by Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
Peter Schumann is the founder of Bread and Puppet Theater, in Glover, Vermont. The University of Madj, created in 2007, consists of seven large-scale paintings on fabric and chronicles the true story of a Palestinian boy named Madj, who was arrested in 2002. There was no evidence pointing to Madj’s complicity in a crime, yet today he is serving a 30-year prison sentence. Schumann has traveled to Occupied Palestine twice since 2006 and is a friend of Madj’s family.

Exhibits through June 30

SYMBOLS AND SCARS OF OCCUPATION: A Photographic Exhibit of Occupied Palestine

Photographs by Adam Beach
Adam Beach, photojournalist and filmmaker from Philadelphia, traveled throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Israel from May to June, 2007. His photographs offer a perspective on the relationships and traumas of life under Israeli military occupation. The exhibition will also include photographs of weekly nonviolent actions that take place in the West Bank.

Exhibits through June 30

In conjunction with FLYNNDOG’s June Exhibition, Symbols & Scars of Occupation: A Photographic Exhibit of Occupied Palestine, by Adam Beach, this Wednesday evening features the film premier of Adam’s documentary film, Handala, which explores Palestinians non violent struggle.

Photojournalist and filmmaker from Philadelphia, Adam traveled throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Israel from May to June, 2007. His photographs offer a perspective on the relationships and traumas of life under Israeli military occupation. The exhibition will also include photographs of weekly nonviolent actions that take place in the West Bank.

More information about the film>>


A series of Black & White Photographs by Ann Clayton Barlow

THE WHOOPSIE! Grrls by sculptor Kat Clear

An exhibition which inspired the guerrilla art project The Fab Faux


Black and White Photographs by Jeff Clarke

Burlington photographer Jeff Clarke visually explores the textures and landscapes of Tiwanaku, Bolivia and the Adirondack Mountains of NY with black and white silver gelatin prints.

Opening reception at FLYNNDOG for Artist Photographer Jeff Clarke
Join us on Monday eve (not Friday!) MARCH 10th
6:00 to 9:00pm for art and music
Starting @ 7PM:
in collaboration with 802 Booking Collective presents musicians:
Souvenir’s Young America
City of Ships

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