photocrati gallery

January – February

Fluid Dynamics

Homer Wells, Ethan Bond-Watts & Chris Cleary
Mixed Media Sculpture

photocrati gallery

March – April

That Was So 19 Seconds Ago

Roger Coleman
murmurations – abstractions – natural highs

August September October 2012

Underwater Explorations in Contemporary Art

A group exhibition inspired by “LAKE STUDIES ~ Meditations on Lake Champlain,” a book by Vermont poet Daniel Lusk with photographs by Pierre La Rocque

The group exhibit will include:
Fiber Art by Marilyn Gillis
Photographs by Pierre La Rocque
Painting by Janet Fredericks, Catherine Hall, and Nancy Stone
Sculpture by Kate Pond and Chris Cleary
Site Specific Installation by Jane E. Horner

The exhibit is curated by Eloise Beil, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Director of Collections.

ARTHOP reception:
Friday, September 7th,  6 to 10 pm

A Reception for the Artists will be held on Saturday, September 8th, 6 to 8 pm  with a gallery talk and poetry reading by Daniel Lusk starting at 7 pm.

Meditations on Lake Champlain will be installed during the month of August and will feature site specific work by Jane along with work generated during her springtime Artist in Residence tenure at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. During the residency, Jane worked with students and LCMM museum visitors to create artwork using materials observed or gathered from the lake region with inspiration from poetry by Daniel Lusk.

Exhibit August 17th –  October 26th

November 2012

Bren and Marie’s Annual All-Girls Clothes Swap moves to the Fall!  ~  Save your Good Stuff to swap!

photocrati gallery

November – December 2012

photocrati gallery

LATITUD | LONGTITUD  tejiendo tramas | tramando historias  ~ una urdimbre de historia y espacios en proyectos visuales, digitales, que buscan reflexionar sobre identidades y geografías.  En tres partes:

Bren Alvarez:  Instantánea | snapshot unraveling latitude and longitude |  installation of portraits

Merche BautistaChuuy Pixan | Bordar Alma |Embroider Soul  a composition of poetry and textile and video

Tina Escaja: 13 Lunas 13 | 13 Moons 13  un tejido digital de personales y sus flujo ~ poetry, digital installation and video.

Tina Escaja produced the following videos of LATITUD | LONGTITUD in its world premier (!) showing in Chiapas, Mexico in July 2011

Glancing back to Chiapas 2011:

Merche Bautista: Bordar Alma / Chuuy Pixán
Exposición Latitud/Longitud:             Instalación
Exposición Latitud/Longitud: Noche de Performance (1)
Noche de Performance (2) e Inauguración: Latitud/Longitud

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