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an arrangement of unequal things
new work by Anthony Sini 1.11.2013-2.23.2013

photocrati gallery

sini missing

This work by Anthony Sini went missing from FLYNNDOG in Feburary 2013.  If you have any information, please contact us or Anthony.






March April May  2013





A site specific installation by Lin Warren


arc ideologies


Join us at the Opening Reception for Lin on the first Friday of April to celebrate this work.
Exhibit will stay through May 29


ROAD TRIP: ARC IDEOLOGIES is an installation exhibit of current discoveries
using materials and applications that can innately express the form and line of an arc.
ROAD TRIP represents the spatial flow of FLYNNDOG itself, and the exciting “road” that I am traveling, stopping at this current destination with my work……..Lin Warren, 2013



June July 2013

ART EDUCATORS UNITE!  Creation & Collaboration


Dorsey Hogg • Jenn Volansky • Barb Crandall • Dee Christie • Jenn Hart • Dodi Gomez • Ann Joppe-Mercure • Ellen Hsieh • Courtney Reckord • Tina Logan

A mixed media exhibition of work by 10 public school art educators from Central and Northern Vermont united by their passion for creating  art in a supportive and like minded community.

Opening Reception June 7th 5-9


photocrati gallery

photocrati gallerySeptember October 2013



“Water Above, Sky Below” now showing for the Art Hop


large scale work inspired by the relationship between water and sky by four Vermont artists:


Homer Wells, New Haven


metal canvas


Rory Jackson, Lincoln


oil on canvas


Ross Sheehan, Vergennes


oil and mixed mediums on canvas


Duker Bower, Charlotte


oil on canvas


November December 2013:     Antonello + Delia



Alfabestiarioby Antonello Borra


 Alfabestiario Cover     Alfabestiario Cover    Alfabestiario Cover    Alfabestiario Cover


We are celebrating the publication of “Alfabestiario,” the first collection of bestiary poems that preceded “AlphaBetaBestiario“.  Translated by Blossom S. Kirschenbaum with artwork by Delia Robinson.


photocrati gallery




The Middle Sister, a new series of work on canvas by Delia Robinson will also be exhibited.


photocrati gallery


The Middle Sister




At 7:00, on November 8th, at the opening reception, Antonello will read select works from Alfabestiario in the original Italian and Actor/Director Mark Alan Gordon will read the English translations.


The exhibition will also feature the Alfabestiario artwork by Delia.


Newly issued first editions by Fomite Press will be available for sale.


Exhibits run from November 1 thru December 31.


Opening on Friday November 8th, six to nine.


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