November – December 2016



New Work by Karla Van Vliet


New Work by Lily Hinrichsen

Coming Out of Darkness TOWARD LIGHT

Artist Statements:

Lily Hinrichsen

To be physically or emotionally in a place of darkness can be daunting, fear-inducing, and rife with anxiety. At least for me.

The inability to see clearly.

The unknown possibilities lurking beyond my reach.

And yet, these are the very attributes I relish in my studio practice.

Sitting with these Unknowns ironically moves me eventually into clarity, definition, and ultimately – completed works of art.

These new works are no exception.

The square has become a boundary for me to work in and around. It grounds and stabilizes the myriad of snapshots revealing themselves as clusters of circles, wandering lines, and dots of French Knots.

Light and lightness tread delicately across the white surfaces in the form of fine lines, hand sewn paths, shades of yellow, and even the spaciousness of the paper itself. The color yellow draws me in . . . and out — much like a Full Moon, a setting sun, a bonfire.

Mystery, Illumination, Warmth

are words that come to mind as I move toward light in these mixed media pieces.

Karla Van Vliet

As a girl I was introduced to the Quaker concept of the light within. I imagined a lit candle burning within me and was greatly comforted by the thought.
The light within, the lit candle, an illumination of the self from within the self. The quiet presence of divine energy, as the Quakers say it. A place of meditation, waiting and what arises there, out of the darkness, into the flickering light of consciousness.

Out of Darkness: Toward Light.

These new pieces have the feel of being uncovered by that light. And also, that they are stepping forward into that light, to be seen at last. They have a kind of ancient feel to them, portraits of women, women who have historically not had a voice, a record; I am making their record, each with her own expression, her own selfness.

I use a technique I call scored painting. I score into a gessoed surface and then through a process of applying thin layers of paint and then lifting them from the surface. This fills in the scoring and creates an etching-type look. The thin layering of many colors gives the pieces their atmospheric feel lending to the introspective nature of the pieces.



Karla Van Vliet


September – October 2016


South End Art Hop – Open all day Friday September 9


Art Educators Unite is a group of 18 Vermont art educators who support each other in their personal art making. We meet monthly to share our artwork and to help each other work through the challenges of making art while juggling busy teaching and personal lives.

The group includes Dorsey Hogg, Jenn Hart, Jenn Volansky, Carol Crosby, Michelle Badji, Barb Crandall, Dee Christie, Julian Bradshaw, Mags Conant, Ann Joppe-Mercure, Anne, Cummings, Deb Mager-Rickner, Lisa Bird, Krista Connolly, Alice Tregasar, Beth Coleman, Dodi Gomez, and Tina Logan.

Curated by Dorsey Hogg

Opening reception: Friday, September 30, 6-8pm

Exhibit through October

Piece #1 - Plastic Ocean (working title)


Piece #1 – Plastic Ocean (working title)

Piece #2 - Trapped in the Gyre (working title)

Piece #2 – Trapped in the Gyre (working title)



August 2016


Finished or Unfinished ?
Paintings by
Ethan Azarian

Not So Famous Cities Series –   Burlington Vermont – Acrylic on canvas  $500

the new austin 1

A Solo Art Show Celebrating Beauty and Humor in Contemporary Art

Introducing The Not so Famous Cities Series

Spending time painting between Austin, Texas and Calais, Vermont, Azarian has produced a collection of paintings in various stages of completion.  Azarian, a Vermont native who now resides in Austin, Texas, likes to describe his paintings as cute, colorful, humorous, a non-conceptual stream of consciousness works of art. All works for this show were painted in 2015 – 2016.

1 August – 1 September

“Oblivious to the art world at large and ignoring current artistic trends Azarian’s atypical approach to art and lack of formal training make for a refreshingly out of touch hopelessly original artist” -Austin Chronicle 2012


June-July 2016

Eben Markowski
work in steel


Inty Muenala

Waka on the crossroad_Inty
Exhibit  June 3 – July 29

March 2016

Impermanence, sculpture and drawings by Margaret Jacobs and Justin O’Rourke

Margaret Jacobs
Margaret Jacobs

Opening Gala Friday, March 18th 6-8pm

Exhibit  March 1 thru April 30

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