As of October, 2018 we now have a new space that lies adjacent to our hallway gallery at 208 Flynn Avenue!

Here at FLYNNDOG PROJECT SPACE we provide a lovely space for our artistic & creative tenants to share a studio and gather as a community of artists and makers.

Our focus is to continue bridging the gap between artists and their community.  We aim to help do so by providing work space and venues where artists feel welcomed to perform, create, exhibit their work, collaborate, and hold small events that tie in the themes of art & unity.

With beautiful, natural lighting, exposed brick wall, high ceilings, and a new paper-making studio, FLYNNDOG PROJECT SPACE is just the place for someone looking to broaden their horizons as an artist in Burlington, VT.

Feel free to contact Cassidy Sargent or Margaret Coleman at for more info on renting studio space or paying to host a small event here at 208 Flynn Ave.

Thank you to our sponsors!
Bren Alvarez, Art Shape Mammoth and Switchback Brewery

ART SHAPE MAMMOTH is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to connecting artists to new communities and supporting the development of artistic practice, dialogue, education, and research through creative public exchange.


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