April 9th thru June 2010
A group portrait, in vignettes, of those characters (real or imagined) in our lives

Alter Ego: from Latin, the Other I
Enhanced with contemporary language and due irreverence:

Alter(ed) Ego: the Other I, revised, repaired, revisited (you decide, the I’s have it, beauty in the I of the beholder, i-art in the tradition i-touch, I phone i-everything)

Less precisely, Alter Ego can also refer to the different behaviors any person may display in various situations. (that from Wikipidia)

Here, we are also expanding the perspective to include family and friends, who often conspire to be part of ourselves.

Part One: The Installation: Wednesday April 7 & Friday, April 9, 6 – 10 ish
artists: tba May 10th

Part Two: The Opening Reception: First Friday May 7th, 6 to 8
artists altered: tba April 9th

Part Three: Marie & Bren’s 2nd Annual Girls Spring Clean Clothes Swap:
Wednesday May 19th, or Friday, May 21st ~ 5:30 to late

In keeping with our tradition, this is firstly an excuse to get together with girlfriends and girlfriends of girlfriends. Secondly, it is part of our individual pursuit (or illusion) of getting organized, if only in the darkest reaches of your and/or your loved ones’ closet(s).

It is Spring Cleaning in the most joyful sense of the task!

Take advantage of this great opportunity to clear out your drawers and closets of clothes you haven’t smiled at for awhile, and go home with some new favorites!

This is a BYO based event, so bring all or some of the following:

    • clothing you are ready to pass on to others,
    • how about a few hangers too?
    • a bottle of wine, a snack to share,
    • more girlfriends
    • a story or two to accompany your favorite clothes

Bren and Marie will be waiting for you at 5:30 to familiarize you with the layout of this fashion foray; where to put your sleveless tops, summer dresses, shoes, jewelry, shoes, pants, unmentionables and mentionables alike.

We would like to have the our Swap Shop looking good by 6:30, so do show up enough time to display your bas et haute couture onto the available clothes racks, tables and displays.

In a slight deviation from tradition, whatever remains at the end of the day will be left in the gallery to be offered to Flynndog guests and Outer Space customers thru out the run of the Alter(ed) exhibition.

Beyond that, remaining clothes will be offered to a church thrift shop.

Poet, Artist and Professor of Romance Languages at UVM, Tina Escaja, produced these wonderful and inspired videos of ALTER(ed) EGO a group portrait, in vignettes, of those characters (real or imagined) in our lives:

Alter(ed) Ego. A collective exhibition

Alter(ed) Ego: Bren Alvarez

Alter(ed) Ego: Tina Escaja

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