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FLYNNDOG is a community art space that serendipitously resulted from the adaptive reuse of an abandoned warehouse on Flynn Avenue. Since 1999, FLYNNDOG has provided a unique space for traditional, non traditional and site specific exhibitions that have featured local and international artists.

Typically, exhibits run for 6 to 8 weeks. Opening receptions for the artists are held owhenever the artists desire. Presentations, poetry readings or other events related to the exhibitions (and sometimes unrelated) are also offered.

FLYNNDOG was co-founded by Bren Alvarez. This community art space is now under the stewardship of Art Shape Mammoth, Margaret Coleman, Executive Director, with help from various other supporters & friends. The physical exhibition space is available courtesy of Farrington Properties, the owners of 208 Flynn avenue property. Switchback Brewery generously contributes to our funding.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work at FLYNNDOG or if you would like to curate an exhibition,  please read about exhibiting at FLYNNDOG before contacting us.

Espacio Cultural was established in 2007 in recognition of FLYNNDOG as a resource for the bicultural community. Arts and events connect the local Hispanic community by providing venues and opportunity for events where Hispanic culture is featured and Spanish is the language of choice. A little history excerpted from Se Habla Español at the the FLYNNDOG Hispanic community inaugurates cultural space.

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Exhibit at FLYNNDOG

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at FLYNNDOG. As you may be aware, we provide a wonderful venue as a community art space but we are not a retail space or a legitimate gallery.

It is very important to understand that:

  • We don’t have a staff to curate and handle work.
  • We can’t provide a secure and exclusive environment for your work.
  • The exhibition space provides access to diverse offices.
  • We share our space with a lovely café, Chef’s Corner South End.
  • We recommend that artists have their own insurance.
  • Installation, de-installation, paid advertising and sale transactions, if applicable, are the responsibility of the artist.
  • You should attend a reception and exhibition before considering an exhibition with us.
  • Costs of the exhibit are the responsibility of the artist.


  • Our interest is focused on providing artists with a unique environment to share their work and vision with the community.
  • Typically, exhibitions run 6 to 8 weeks. Our schedule is flexible, whimsical, even. See the website for schedule information on upcoming shows and available exhibition opportunities.
  • We favor installations that are site specific and that take advantage of the unique character and size of the exhibition space.
  • We love group exhibitions. But, if an artist has a very strong and very extensive body of work, we may consider a solo exhibition. The size and character of the gallery easily supports exhibitions of diverse work by multiple artists.
  • We provide a one reception for the artists, usually on a First Friday ArtWalk night.
  • We help with the no-cost advertising via our email announcements and website.
  • In the case of an exhibition with retail potential, an artist may choose provide a contribution to future exhibitions and artists, but we do not take a percentage of your sales.
  • The space is available for other presentations or events related or unrelated to the exhibition.
  • Our decisions about exhibitions, artists and schedule are intuitive. This is to emphasize that if we decide not to exhibit your work, it is not necessarily based on the quality of your proposal or of your work. Conventional exhibitions are usually better served by conventional galleries.