ANCIENT (pre-website) HISTORY

en route 

the journey toward a celebration of the arts begins with an exhibition of local artists for the 7th annual Art Hop in 1999:

Davis Teselle  ::   Kate Pond  ::   Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert. ::   Sherry Libby + more

cloth stone steel rock & foam link to freepress article

5 major talents survive curatorial disaster (January 2000) curated by Bren Alvarez

Jane Horner ::  …………+ ……… ::   Mark Gonzales + more

Side Show

a group exhibition of Vermont College Alumni curated by Kristin Humbarger

Kristin Humbarger  ::  Lyn Imperatore. ::  + more

Pick of the Litter

a group exhibition show based on material transformation curated by Bren Alvarez

Kids celebrate the Earth

nature-based work by young artists, along with Josh Cronin’s Champlain Elementary classes. 

Multiple Exposures

8 artists present experimental & traditional photography….

Fred Stetson ::  Sally McCay ::  Jeff Clarke ::  Jeremy Fortin+ more

Via Burlington, Brazil & the Bronx…………… 

a serendipitous exhibition of work by Latino artists curated by Kichwa artist, Amaru Chiza

Jorge Chalco :: Amaru Chiza :: Patricia Morales ::  Hector Anchundia

in process

the journey continues, with a second annual group exhibition, no doubt, at the 8th annual Art Hop


an installation of bestial masks, past present & future, by Canadian artist, Anne Massicotte

The Death Penalty Show

a very political group show curated by G. Roy Levin

Seduction Rituals

painting, sculpture, and graphic installations by Canadian artist, Anne Massicotte

Inundation (pool side revisited)

large oil canvases by Muffin Ray

Seeing with New Perspective

work by Ethan Azarian and Greg Brower curated by Mark S. Waskow

The 11th Annual Broken Hearts Show 

a Burlington tradition that originated and thrived at the  …Daily Planet?…..for a decade.   

Curated by Tess Taylor and Bren Alvarez, featuring 70 Broken Hearts by as many artists.  

About Surface

new work by Judith E. Stone

Luscious Cibachromes

in fact, luscious Cibachromes by photographer, Nichole Welch

Galen Cheney

new sculpture and painting by Galen

Pick of the Litter II

second annual group exhibition show based on material transformation curated by Bren Alvarez

Kids celebrate the Earth II

a second annual exhibition of nature-based work by young artists 

Detritus Diaries, Slatted Red Nudes, Cloth pin’d

a 20-year retrospective of work by G. Roy Levin

Visual Integration

another serendipitous exhibition of work by Latino artists curated by Kichwa artist, Amaru Chiza

Jorge Chalco :: Amaru Chiza :: Patricia Morales ::  Maria Llano

truth (& humor)

marking our 710th day journey with a smile at the 9th annual Art Hop with a group exhibition curated by Bren Alvarez

Artists:  L.J. Kopf,  ……. dig deep..

9.11.2001 – 10.4.2001

Outpouring of reactions to events on 9.11.2001 via email

an installation by Marie Davis and Bren Alvarez

dressed in artaltered

an art & fashion exhibit from SPA (Barre), altered at the FLYNNDOG.

Full House

a five artist exhibit curated by Bren Alvarez

Landscapes in my Living Room

experimental photography by Jeremy Fortin

The Fairest Fowl

portraits of championship chickens by photographer Tamara Staples

threedimensional work in metal

Gordon Achincloss. ::  James Teuscher :: Wilder Wheellock

5 linked lessons, a performance by Peter Burns