2003 Exhibitions

Cancelled, a group showArt Hop 2003Art Hop 2003 - Bren AlvarezArtHop 2003ArtHop 2003 - Mating RitualSeparate HousesReconstructedArtHop 2003The Road Not TakenThe Road Not TakenArtHop 2003ArtHop 2003ArtHop 2003 - Sound Practices



a group exhibition of mail art through March 23, 2003


Artist collaborations with John Perry of Holographics North through March 23, 2003

April – May

wOrd wOrks

text fortified visual art by Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert & Jeffrey Gilbert
Special thanks to: Jude Bond, Jeffrey Gilbert, Marylen Grigas and Janet Van Fleet

June – July

Sound Practices

Tania Kupzak & Kathy Marmor


The Road Not Taken

An exhibition of contemporary Japanese artists working to find their own way to make a difference. Site specific, new large-scale installations and constructions were in progress throughout the exhibition. Multiple media: video, photography, sculpture, painting and drawing arrive from Japan and other points of the globe. Opening reception with the artists Thursday, September 11, 2003

Artists: Midori Harima, Osamu James Nakagawa, Takayuki Ogawa, Misato Oka, Makoto Ishiwata, Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, Kohsuke Iizawa
More information on “The Road…”
Thank you Kohsuke for the “The Road…” Web site and documentary video

Art Hop 2003

Site sculpture appearing in the neighborhood including art from Bren Alvarez, Axel Stohlberg, Ann Young, Janet Van Fleet, Steven Bronstein and James Teuscher

October – December


Ethan Azarian and (michael smith)
Opening Reception October 24th, 2003
also shown: “On the Road” – a video of previous exhibit by Kohsuke Iizawa.