2004 Exhibitions

The Lamentations GroupMe, Myself & IBioforms - Jonathan Draudt IRONIKONS Assemblages by Danish artist & filmmaker Hans Kragh-JacobsenPushing the Envelope: The Second Annual Mail Art Exhibition


Assemblages by Danish artist & filmmaker Hans Kragh-Jacobsen
Hans will be at the Flynndog to discuss his assemblages and present his current films “Class Clown” and “Pure Garbage”. Both films have been selected for the Odense Film Festival which we understand is quite prestigious. The films are about 25 minutes long and have English subtitles.


Judith Brown

Lamentations, an outdoor sculpture group of five female figures, was created from scrap metal and recycled automobile steel, which the artist then welded and painted.

Created in 1989 by renowned American sculptor, Judith Brown, Lamentations was inspired by a dance piece produced by choreographer, Martha Graham.

Acting upon the artist’s wish that the sculptural group be given to a Vermont institution, the family foundation offered it to the University of Vermont where it was installed on the Fleming Green in 1993.

Since that time, routine maintenance has failed to remedy the rapidly spreading rust inside the figures. Without an indoor environment, the sculpture group was close to the brink of disintegration.

Relocation to an indoor environment was critical to the sculptures’ conservation and the University of Vermont is grateful to the FLYNNDOG Gallery for offering a secure, indoor space to display and store Lamentations Group.

Read more about the guerilla art project to get these sculptures reinstated at UVM>>


A group exhibit of individual self portraits
THE ARTISTS: Trevor Powers, Emile-Rose Currin, Peg Tassey, Jane E. Horner, Anthony d. Sini, Ethan Azarian, ,Jeff Clarke, Annie Van Avery, Katherine Clear, Kate Pond, Jonathan Draudt, Homer Wells, Beth Robinson, Davis TeSelle, Ann Laberge, Marie Davis, Susan Smereka, Janet Fredericks, Onslo Carrington, Rose McNulty, L.J. Kopf, B Amore, Gary Kowalski, Lou Dembrow, Jake Patterson, Brian O’Neill, Andy Duback


Jonathan Draudt
colossal sculpture in pine blocks
more about Jonathan Draudt

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: The Second Annual Mail Art Exhibition

Images from the First Annual Mail Art Exhibition:

Alice DodgeBren AlvarezDavid JacquesDelia RobinsonGabrielle DietzelGilles MansillonJane HornerJeffrey GilbertJeffrey GilbertLJ KopfMarie DavisNick SantoroSusan Smereka