2009 Exhibitions

Jane E. Horner - IntermediariesJane E. Horner- IntermediariesJane E. Horner - IntermediariesJane E. Horner - IntermediariesJane E. Horner - IntermediariesJane E. Horner - Intermediaries - Show FlyerArt Hop 2009Art Hop 2009Art Hop 2009Art Hop 2009Art Hop 2009Art Hop 2009The Word Show  (11/2009 - 1/2010)DrawIngs

January – February

DrawIngs by William Ramage

Bill Ramage’s work for the last thirty years has addressed questions about perception and the thought mechanism that codifies the act of seeing. At first the drawings were soley empirical, originating in or based on observation of experience. They evolved into drawing in situ installations (including The Fleming Museum Piece) that explored a system he called The Cetripetal. The last phase involves a pursuit of a mental mechanism that determines what the seeing will mean and how it will be applied. He affectionately refers to this mechanism as the Neur-alchemist. The drawings in the Flynndog show represent the dialogue generated by this pursuit. Read more about Bill


March – April

Freedom in Creation

presents an exhibition of work by northern Uganda’s children
Freedom in Creation is a community-led, arts-based psychosocial, education and water-development program aimed at empowering war affected children in Northern Uganda while celebrating the role of the arts within humanitarianism. FIC addresses the socialization and reintegration of children (non- and ex-combatants) into their communities and access to clean and safe drinking water. Following a simple process, the children, through their creative power, are able to bring access to fresh drinking water to their communities and consequently feel both empowered and valued as stakeholders in the process.

For more information, contact Lee Gross at leehgross@gmail.com or freedomincreation.org.

May – June

New and Old Paintings
Vinicio Ayala andGreg Mamczak

Read the Review: “Painters at Play” by Marc Awodey (05.20.09)

July – August

Jane E. Horner ~ Intermediaries

Paintings and Installation
Art Map Burlington Review

September – October

Art Hop 2009

Participating artists: Ayman Mohyeldin, James Marc Leas, Peter Schumann, Emily Anderson, Eben Markowski

Photographs of the War Against Gaza
December 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009
An exhibition of photographs by Ayman Mohyeldin, international correspondent for Al Jazeera who reported from inside Gaza during Israel’s 22-day war against the Strip in December and January, and James Marc Leas, a Burlington attorney who traveled to Gaza in the wake of the war on a fact-finding mission for the National Lawyers Guild.

AUCTION NOTICE: Peter Schumann
Paintings and narrative by Peter Schumann of Bread & Puppet Theater that tell the story of Jocelyne Voltaire, a Haitian-American woman who lives in New York and faced the threat of foreclosure on her home after her oldest son died while serving in Iraq. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! did a feature story on this last year, and Code Pink raised $30,000 to help Jocelyne keep her home. Photo was taken by Jack Sumberg. Read more about Peter Schumann.

Woven, paper maché and drawn creations by Emily Anderson in the little alcove.
Read more about Emily Anderson.

Relief sculptures by Eben Markowski

PRESENTATION: Ayman Mohyeldin in Gaza
Witness to War, Reporting from an Occupied Land under Siege
Saturday, September 12, at 2 p.m.
Ayman Mohyeldin of Al Jazeera will talk about what he witnessed in Gaza during his coverage of the most recent war there, and reflect on the responsibilities and dangers of reporting from a war zone that is occupied, under siege and closed off to the world media. Read more about Ayman Mohyeldin

November – December

The Word Show

(thru January 2010)
Participating artists: Axel Stohlberg, Roger Coleman, Winnie Looby, Sharon Webster, Aluan Arguelles, Jon Michael Turner, Drew Cameron, PK Ellis, Maggie Standley

First Friday, December 4th, 2009 at 7:00pm
Poetry Reading and The Word Show continues thru January 3rd.

Saturday, December 5th, 2009 at 6:00pm
Holiday Party to benefit the El Salvador Coffee Communities Fund