(video & editing by Jane Horner except as noted)

Palestine in Resistance 2008
Adam Beach: photography & documentary film + Peter Schumann: installation & performance
video: Patricia Peterson/VCAM

Off the Top of My Head & Every Cliché in the Book 2008
Jude Bond: installation

Poets’ Night 2007 & 2008
Readings organized by Michael Breiner

Gridwork 2007
A group exhibition curated by Jane Horner

Circular Statements 2006
Janet Van Fleet: installation
Video and editing: Janet Van Fleet

Hidden Room 2005
Collaborative installation: Jane Horner, Karen McGregor and Susan Smereka
Video and Editing: Karen McGregor

The Road Not Taken 2003
A group exhibition curated by Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert
Video and Editing: Kohsuke Iizaw

Subscribing to Euclid 2003
Muffin Ray: paintings

Ex-tallation of Live Green 2003
FLYNNDOG: installation

Spheres of Influence 2003
Jane Horner: paintings & installation
Video: Karen McGregor

Streams of Consciousness 2002
Susan Smereka: installation
Video: Karen McGregor/VCAM Editing: Dennis Grady/Visible Image

AHIMSA! 2002
Installation by Shelley Warren Video and Editing: Karen McGregor

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