Up-Coming Exhibits


Current Exhibit:

January – February 2017

Larry Ribbecke and Emily Stoneking

Inspirations and Labors



*Check out Larry and Emily in 7 Days.



 Upcoming Shows:

 March – April 2017


March – April 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, March 10

5:30 – 8:30

Work by Rose Hebert

2016 Mixed media 24" x 24'

“Gone off that Molly (Thinkin bout death or something)” 2016 Mixed media 24″ x 24′

May – June 2017

The Howard Center Arts Collective 

Opening Reception: TBA

July – August 2017

The Syrian Experience as Art

Curated by: William Ramage – Retired Castleton art professor.


Khaled Youssef – Syrian Artist

Opening Reception: TBA


September-October 2017

Wendy Copp and Ann Barlow

Opening Reception: TBA

November-December 2017

Rueben Vidrio

*Call To Artists*

In search of sculptor to accompany exhibition.

To view Rueben’s work, visit: http://ruebenvidrio.weebly.com

If interested in exhibiting with Rueben, please contact: oneartsgallery@gmail.com

Opening Reception: TBA

We look forward to scheduling these exhibitions:


Amaru Chiza: new work

Ethan Azarian: Room Interiors – 2016

Holly Hauser: new work

Ross Sheehan + Rory Jackson: new work

Antonello Borra: new work, Monologhi dei matti, exhibition and reading

Tina Escaja : reading from Caída Libre

Fomite Press: exhibition and reading