Up-Coming Exhibits


JULY/AUG ~ extra.ordinary


Nancy Hayden  Lynne Reed  Annie Caswell  Melanie Brotz     Linda Van Cooper  LaVerne Ferguson  Kelley Taft    Kara Greenblot  Holly Hauser  Betsy Ward

SEPT/OCT ~ Art Shape Mammoth    group show

NOV/ DEC ~ th!NK installation

  • JAN /FEB – Homer Wells and friends
  • MAR / APR – Peter Curtis photography & Roger Coleman paintings
  • MAY / JUNE – Al Salzman, large scale political paintings
  • JULY /AUG – C A D E N C E: multi-media work emphasizing rhythm, flow, invention and – as in the meaning of the word within jazz – solos accompanied by others. – Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Tina Escaja, Almuth Palinkas, Leslie Roth, Sharon Webster
  • SEPT / OCT – Mercedes Bautista – amazing multi-media artist solo show!
  • NOV / DEC – Howard Arts Collective



We look forward to scheduling these exhibitions:
Amaru Chiza: new work
Ethan Azarian: Room Interiors
Holly Hauser: new work
Antonello Borra: new work, Monologhi dei matti, exhibition and reading
Tina Escaja : reading from Caída Libre
Fomite Press: exhibition and reading