Up-Coming Exhibits


January-February 2018

Zoe Bishop + Adam Forguites

Reception Saturday, January 20, 6-9pm

zoe bishop

Zoe Bishop, above

adam f crablike painting

Adam Forguites, above

MORE IN 2018 

MAR/APRIL *William Ramage, Fran Bull and Friends

MAY/JUNE *Art Educators

JULY/AUG *Melanie Brotz Group Show

SEPT/OCT *Jorge Cevallos & Co.

NOV/ DEC *th!NK installation



We look forward to scheduling these exhibitions:

Amaru Chiza: new work

Ethan Azarian: Room Interiors

Holly Hauser: new work

Antonello Borra: new work, Monologhi dei matti, exhibition and reading

Tina Escaja : reading from Caída Libre

Fomite Press: exhibition and reading