Up-Coming Exhibits

 Current Exhibit

May – June 2017

The Howard Center Arts Collective 

OF TWO MINDS, Adam Forguites

OF TWO MINDS, Adam Forguites

Opening Reception, Friday Evening, May 5

4-6 pm

Upcoming  July – August 2017

The Syrian Experience as Art

BASSAM ALEMAN, 4 Year Trip -They didn't survive but they died trying

Bassam Aleman, “4 Year Trip: They didn’t survive but died trying”

Opening Reception

Friday, July 7, 2017   6-8 pm

Curated by William Ramage, Oliver Schemm and Khaled Youssef

September-October 2017 – ART HOP!



Opening Reception, Friday, September 8, 2017

5- 9 pm

November-December 2017

Ross Sheehan and Rueben Vidrio

Cool article about Ross Sheehan in Seven Days, May 24, 2017!


Totembird by Ross Sheehan  welded steel   28 x 18 x 8 inches

RUEBEN painting

Painting by Rueben Vidrio

Opening reception time to be announced.


*Zoe Bishop and Adam Forguites

*William Ramage, Fran Bull and Friends

*Art Educators

*Jorge Cevallos & Co.

…and others!



We look forward to scheduling these exhibitions:

Amaru Chiza: new work

Ethan Azarian: Room Interiors – 2016

Holly Hauser: new work

Ross Sheehan + Rory Jackson: new work

Antonello Borra: new work, Monologhi dei matti, exhibition and reading

Tina Escaja : reading from Caída Libre

Fomite Press: exhibition and reading